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Tiara Rain Akitas

    We produce sound of mind and sound of body, substantial, typey, “American” Akitas.  Our line goes back to Goshen and O’BJ through Chereed and O’BJ and Kin Hozan through Bogart.  We selectively breed on occasion and place our puppies in very selective homes. 


    The Akita is an extremely large, powerful, energetic, highly territorial, protective, dominant, intelligent, independent, loyal dog whose life is oriented to its owners.  They are aloof and reserved with strangers.  The Akita is a dog that may be aggressive and may bite.  Because of these characteristics, the Akita must be socialized, properly trained, confined, and restrained starting as a young puppy. 


    The Akita is one of the most rewarding breeds to own, but is a very demanding breed and should not be added to the household casually.  Therefore, we do not place our puppies with just anyone.  As responsible owners, you must make sure that your home owner’s insurance carrier will cover the addition of an Akita. 

    I first laid eyes on the Akita when I was in elementary school.  His name was Kenji and he belonged to a friend of mine.  He was a huge, bear-headed, most eye catching dog I had ever seen.  To make a long story short, I purchased and read everything I could find on this breed and I knew that at some point in time I must own one of these beautiful dogs.  I purchased my first Akita in high school and have had them ever since.    

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