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Ch. Daybreak’s Enchanted Cherry Blossom W “Avery”

Loved & owned by the Watt family

WB/BOW at 7 months old for her first major

RWB at the Central Ohio Dachshund Specialty

Finished with three majors

Raymond, Ohio - 43067

Phone: 614.267.0632



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Divine Acre’s Can’t Stop The Fire At HFO “Delyia”

Loved & owned by Teresa Rogowski, Gaye Rogowski-Haney, & Jim Haney

WB at 6 months old, her very first show

AKC(Am), UKC, & IABCA(Int’l) Ch. Tamoora’s Samimi Ayi, Gypsy “Sahmi”

Loved & owned by Teresa Rogowski, Stan Rogowski, & Sandy Taylor

Multiple BOB winner     Multiple group placements

WD/BOW/BOB at his very first show

Achieved his AKC championship in six show weekends at 17 months

Achieved his UKC championship in one weekend at 8 months

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Planned LittersPlanned_Litters.html

AKC(Am) & IABCA (Nat’l & Int’l) Ch. Skyview’s A Night To Remember At HFO,CGC “Zivah”

Loved & owned by Teresa Rogowski

Multiple BOB winner

WB/BOS at 6 months old for her first major

Both majors by 14 months, AKC champion at 19 months

RWB at the 2017 Anatolian National Specialty

Calico’s Feather In My Derby “Derby”

Loved & owned by Dr.Erica Honerkamp & Shawn Sigafoos

Has three majors by 12 months old

WD/BOW/BOB out of the class over specials